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Filial Chapels

A town, located about 25 km from Tayinsha, inhabited chiefly by exiles of Polish origin and their descendants. The exiles were forcibly resettled from Ukraine in 1936 on Stalin's orders. The village is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.

The faithful gather on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation and other special occasions for communal worship in the chapel of St. Theresa of The Infant Jesus, a single-storey building, which had previously housed a nursery (up until the 1990s). The villagers renovated the building using their own resources, and supported by the priests adapted it to the needs of the local community. The chapel was enlarged in 2008, after it became apparent it was too small.

Each of the prayer meetings is attended by about 100 faithful; this figure rising on major Feast and Holy Days. The chapel in Podolskoye is a filial church of the parish of the Holy Family, therefore pastoral care for the local population is provided by priests from the mother church of the parish, i.e. from Tayinsha; since August of this year, the priests are Marian Fathers.

All services and prayer meetings are conducted in Russian, as this is the common language understood by all generations, both young and old. Regularly each month, the priest visits the sick in their own homes, and administers the sacraments. Adults, children and the youth have the opportunity to take part in evangelization meetings and catechesis.

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