The Parish Church - Marians of the Immaculate Conception - Tajynsza

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The Parish Church

In 1981 a young priest - a pole from Ukraine - who was a member of the Congregation of Marian Fathers arrived in Tayinsha, Kazakhstan. He was Fr. Jan Pawel Lenga MIC, who with great zeal set about the gargantuan task of ensuring local Roman Catholics would have pastoral care, and linked to this the construction of a church on the site of an already existing little chapel. Building did not pass without all sorts of problems and harassment from the authorities. However, the enthusiasm of Fr Lenga and his parishioners proved to be stronger than the obstacles they encountered.
Men and women, young and old, came even from the most remote of locations to erect the building. After a few years the church was completed. Following ten years of dedicated service Fr. Lenga was consecrated bishop on 26th May 1991, and appointed Apostolic Administrator in Karaganda and then several years later Archbishop of the Diocese of Karaganda. Presently Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga MIC, is spending his well deserved retirement in Poland.

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