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Rabocij Poselok

Filial Chapels

This is currently a suburb of Tayinsha, but is divided from the town proper by a railway line. It is a historically important place for the parish of the Holy Family, as it is to here that priests first arrived to minister to exiles of Polish and German extraction, often at great risk to their own lives. Fr. Józef Kuczynski and Servant of God Fr. Wladyslaw Bukowinski were among that heroic number.

It was in this very place, in Rabochiy Posyolok, that the faithful used to gather clandestinely, in their own homes, behind drawn curtains, to take part in Holy Mass and to receive the Holy Sacraments. In the 1990s, when there already was a church in Tayinsha, the parish was bequeathed a little house by an old lady, which to this day functions as St Joseph’s Chapel, serving predominantly older people, who are unable to attend the parish church due to their advanced years and the state of their health.

Regularly, every Friday, a priest comes here to minister to the faithful. Masses are celebrated in Polish, but Russian is used for the Liturgy of the Word. Every month, a priest visits the sick who are unable to come to the chapel, affording them the opportunity to receive the Holy Sacraments.

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