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The work

The Sisters

The Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy finds its particular mission in God’s calling to save lost souls. Since the very beginning of its existence the mission was involved in the running of Houses of Mercy, in which girls and women who were morally neglected could find shelter; these women were often from the social under-class and were often engaged in prostitution. These women discarded by society, without any chance for a change or conversion, could find in the Houses of Mercy a shelter and hope that not everything was lost in their lives. The act of supporting such women was always linked with prayer for forgiveness.

This was the basis of the of the calling and vocation of Saint Faustina . It was Faustina that Jesus entrusted with a particular mission to transmit to the world new forms of the devotion to Divine Mercy, namely: the Image of Merciful Jesus, the chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Feast of Mercy, prayer at the Hour of Mercy, and spreading the devotion to Divine Mercy. The Congregation accepted this mission and work to continue practicing it.

The Sisters came to Kazakhstan in order to bring witness to God’s mercy to the land which was marked in the course of history by suffering of so many innocent people deported here to labor camps or forced resettlement; and to encourage people to trust in this mercy where there was risk of losing hope forever. This Congregation now have two convent houses: the first house opened in 1995 year in Pietropawłowsk, and four years ago the sisters began working in Tajynsza as well.

At the behest of the local bishop Tomasz Peta the sisters undertook their ministry in the Parish of the Holy Family in Tajynszy. Presently the community is made up of two sisters, however in the future the sisters would like to adapt the house in which they live, so that one more sister could stay with them. The house in which the sisters live, belonged to a family which moved to Russia. The house was bought by the parish priest and is now owned by the parish.

With a help of good people, who helped unselfishly, basic renovations were made to adapt the house to the needs of a convent so allowing the sisters to live there. Thanks to generosity of one man from Tajynsza, after three years of living in the house, a water supply has finally been connected to the house. As yet there is no drainage system and that is why waste has to be carried out in buckets into the yard. There still remains further work to be done in order to extend the existing building to make a bathroom and at least one additional room.

In their apostolic activities the sisters teach children catechism classes and visit the sick either in hospital or in their own houses. However there is a group of neighborhood children that come to the sisters often just to draw a picture with them or to play. The children simply want someone to listen to them as they tell their childlike stories.

It gives great joy to know that the children wish to come here, but unfortunately there are no suitable conditions or room in the house where one could receive them. We would like to adapt the house for those children and make a playground where they could play and where they could spend their free time. The sisters would love to be with the children as they recognize that although they have their own homes and loving parents, they are looking for something more. Sometimes this “something” is missing in their homes and the children come to the Church to find it out.

The poor also come to ask the sisters for financial assistance because, for example, they have no money to pay for the light or they have no means to buy something to eat. The sisters, who have very little themselves, try to help those who ask for the assistance and are in need of merciful help.

One may openly say that the sisters live and work here solely on account of peoples’ generosity and kindness, which is why any kind of support shown to them will be very much appreciated as it will allow the Sisters to continue their apostolic work and service to the people of Kazakhstan.

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